Bijay Singh, PhD

Co-Founder, Vice President

Dr. Singh received his PhD (Biochemistry) at the Department of Life Science and Biochemical Engineering in Sun Moon University, Korea. The central theme of the thesis was to engineer biosynthetic pathways in bacteria to produce novel antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs. He finished his Master’s degree at the Department of Chemistry in Tribhuvan University.

After PhD, he joined the Department of Biomaterials Engineering in Seoul National University, Korea as a senior researcher. In this position, he developed several polymeric biomaterials with drugs, genes or proteins and evaluated their effects in animal models. Especially, he had tested the efficacy of these biomaterials for targeting delivery in liver, lungs and intestines, both in vitro and in vivo. Therefore, he gained much insight in the molecular and cellular mechanisms of drug, gene or protein delivery in mammalian cells and mouse models.

Recently, he was appointed as Visiting Scholar of Bioengineering at SEAS in Harvard University, Cambridge, USA. His research was particularly focused on fundamental understanding of biological barriers to develop new materials for the treatment of various cancer diseases.

  • Vice President, RIBB (2018-Present)
  • Visiting Scholar, SEAS, Harvard University, USA (2017-2019)
  • Senior Researcher, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea (2011-2016)
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