Shyam Suwal, PhD

Scientific Advisor: Dept. of Applied Microbiology & Food Technology

Shyam Suwal is currently an Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Food Science of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Suwal received his PhD degree in Food Science and Technology from Laval University, Canada and MSc degree in Food Microbiology from INSA-Toulouse, France. Before joining the University of Copenhagen, Dr. Suwal worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Laval University and Purdue University, USA. Dr. Suwal's research focuses on the development of innovative and sustainable food processing technologies for the production of healthy foods and beverages. Dr. Suwal specializes on the effects of non-thermal technologies on food properties and application of membrane process for the fractionation of added value products from industrial byproducts. He has been supervising more than 10 MSc and PhD students and published more than 25 research articles in international journals.

  • Electro-membrane separation and purification techniques (proteins, peptides, polyphenols) 
  • Membrane fouling and cleaning process
  • Bioprocess (fermentation) optimization
  • Agricultural and Lignocellulosic biomass valorisation
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