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Engage Nepal with Science

Developing a culture of science engagement in Nepalese communities

What is Engage Nepal with Science?

Engage Nepal with Science aims to spread the culture of engaging with scientific research to empower Nepalese communities and build confidence in STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics).

Who is Engage Nepal with Science?

This project is a collaboration between the Research Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology (RIBB, Nepal) and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology (WTCCB, Edinburgh, United Kingdom).

How does Engage Nepal with Science work?

A team of researchers with strong science communication skills:

    1. Work with Nepalese schools interested in making learning more interactive, creative and dynamic. Researchers support science teachers by:
      – offering development workshops to boost their engagement and science communication skills
      – inspiring them with visits to research institutes like RIBB
      – providing schools with resources and different types of practical science workshops to complement the students’ curriculum
    2. Work with Nepalese communities by delivering workshops. Eg: women’s health talks
    3. Organise community-based science festivals so that local Nepalese communities become more curious, are encouraged to think in an evidence-based way and
      understand why we do research and its impact in our daily lives.
    4. Have been created within RIBB, a Public Bioscience Learning Centre open to everyone. The Public Bioscience Learning Centre represents a great opportunity to be in touch with scientists, real science and scientific equipment.

How to contact Engage Nepal?

If you are a research centre or a school and you are interested in being part of this project or you want to learn more about our work please write to:

Meet the Team: The people behind Engage Nepal with Science

Suvechhya Bastola:
She heads the Public Bioscience Learning Center at RIBB, supported by the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology (WCB), University of Edinburgh, UK and RIBB.

M. Alba Abad Fernández:
She is a research scientist at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology in Edinburgh (Edinburgh, UK) and passionate about public engagement with science. After she witnessed the strong impact of public engagement with research in local communities throughout the UK, she decided to combine her expertise in outreach together with her love for Nepal to start this project in Nepal with collaboration with RIBB.

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