Award and Recognition

NABIL-NAST Science and Technology Award 2019

Dr. Pandey was awarded the prestigious NABIL-NAST Science and Technology Award 2019 by Nepal Academy for Science and Technology (NAST) for her contribution to the science community through world-class research and policy advocacy. She specifically received this award for her research work on porous nanomaterials that has capacity for environmental/air purification and hydrogen storage, and for tuning the chemistry of slurries to—at the angstrom level—polish specific materials on semiconductor devices, work that allows chip manufacturers to make smaller, more powerful electronics. Her research excellence and continued engagement with the government and private sector to promote science and technology in Nepal was recognized through this award.

UNESCO-OWSD Early Career Fellowship 2019

The OWSD Early Career Fellowship is a prestigious award of up to USD 50,000 offered to women who have completed their PhDs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. The Early Career fellows were selected from a highly competitive pool of candidates based on the strength of their research proposals and their proven scientific excellence as well as leadership skills. Dr. Pandey’s research produces useful bioactive compounds from citrus fruit waste – abundantly available in Nepal – by way of green extraction and solid-state fermentation methods. These bioactive compounds can be utilized as key functional ingredients in nutraceuticals (food or components of food that provide medical or health benefits), preservatives, and cosmetic products, thereby reducing food waste while alleviating adverse environmental effects. 

Dayananda Bajracharya Research Award 2018

Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) awarded Mr. Mitesh Shrestha in 2018 with its prestigious Dayananda Bajracharya Research Award. Mr. Shrestha got the award for his dissertation work on understanding the role of mitochondrial chaperone in mitochondrial fission, in coordination with other fission inducing proteins present in the cell. The research was a step forward towards understanding the possible therapeutic targets against cancer.

2018 Elsevier Foundation Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge

Mr. Rajbhandari, was awarded the first prize of EUR €50,000 for his project, “Guava leaves as natural preservatives for smallholders farmers of Nepal.” This project taps the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of guava leaves to formulate a water-based, sprayable natural preservative to overcome post harvest loss in the farm. The Elsevier Foundation Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge is a collaboration between the Elsevier Foundation and Elsevier’s chemistry journals held every year in Germany. The 3rd edition of Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference was organized in Berlin where Top 5 ideas were pitched which was selected from over 500 submissions by a jury of experts in the field.

Atta-ur-Rahman Prize 2016

Dr. Bijay Singh, a biochemist at the Research Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology (RIBB) wins 2016 Atta-ur-Rahman Prize in chemistry for his outstanding results in the field of biomaterials. The prize is granted annually by 1985 TWAS Fellow Atta-ur-Rahman, a Pakistani chemist and a past president of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences. It aims at acknowledging the work of researchers from scientifically lagging countries that have obtained high-impact results in various fields of chemistry.

Elsevier Foundation Award 2016

Dr. Sushila Maharjan, received “Elsevier Foundation Award 2016” for her research on antibacterial potential of the high altitude soil bacteria Streptomyces from various soil biotypes of Nepal. Previously, she had received a grant from The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), Italy to conduct her research on soil microbes.
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National Energy Globe Award 2015

On the occasion of UN’s World Environment Day, June 05, our research project entitled “Production of bioethanol from different types of whey released by Nagarkot cheese factory as industrial waste” was honored with the “National Energy Globe Award” in Tehran, Iran. On the behalf of RIBB team Vice President Prajwal Rajbhandari received the award and was invited as a guest of honour to the International Energy Globe Award 2015.

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